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By establishing a completely domestic supply chain, USA Rare Earth is poised to become the leading US supplier of rare earth magnets and critical minerals supporting the future state of energy, mobility, and national security.

USA Rare Earth is working to protect the future for our nation and our families, boosting the American economy along the way. We are boldly stepping in to lead rare earth magnet technology, bringing the supply chain back to US soil for the security and prosperity of our nation.


With a vast rare earth deposit in our nation’s heartland and state-of-the-art processing facilities, our scientists and engineers co-develop magnet solutions with customers to power our world today and for future generations to come.


Ex-China Supply vs Demand.png
  • Supply/demand imbalance outside of China will soon become severe

  • Supply assumption includes all capacity additions announced to date

High Performance Magnet Demand.png
  • High performance magnets will grow to be about half the overall market

  • Qualification times are typically 9 – 18 months and switching costs are high due to re-qualification requirements

​Sources: 1. Paulson, BMO, AIP, Management Estimate; 2. Adamas

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